My name is Tessa Berliner. I’m a journalism student with a double minor in computer science and game design. I spent 90% of my time in school in Ryder Hall on Northeastern’s campus, either in the games lab working on a personal project or on the second floor rehearsing for whatever show I may be in at the time.

Since I was in middle school, I had an odd fascination with the Italian language and culture (probably stemming from the fact that my best friend is half-Italian). My love of cooking propelled me to consume any Food Network show regarding Italian food (thank you, Giada) and to learn Italian phrases in any way I could, from arias to greetings to curse words. This past summer, I got the chance to live in Florence for one month (that’s me by the Ponte Vecchio!) and take Italian language and cooking courses, solidifying my love for the culture and cuisine.

Unfortunately, coming back to America meant coming to terms with the fact that the Italian food would be not quite as satisfying. This blog is meant to not only detail the Italian restaurants I discover in Boston, but to also keep track of anything I find that could be authentic — or at least un po’ italiano.

Header image taken (and cooked!) by me in Florence: linguine alle vongole con limone candito (spaghetti and clams with candied lemon).