Eataly has an opening date!

I repeat, Eataly has an opening date!

Eataly Boston, located in the Prudential Center, will be opening next month on November 29. Still a ways away, but exciting to know we’ll be able to access it and try all the foods after Thanksgiving break ends!

You can check out Eater Boston’s account of the interior here. Because it’s replacing the food court that once was in the Prudential Center, it will have a few dining counters to choose from (all Italian, of course), including La Pizza & La Pasta, Il Pesce, and La Piazza. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, and La Piazza will be serving antipasti.

There will also reportedly be a cannoli cart, which will cause a new rivalry in Boston: Mike’s vs. Modern vs. Eataly Cannoli Cart. I just may have to try all three.

For those who can afford it, Eataly will be hosting a pre-opening event 10 days prior. Tickets can be purchased here, though I’ll probably have to wait and try it with the rest of the masses.

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