Trying again

While in Florence, I learned to make many dishes, including Bucatini all’Amatriciana (a Roman specialty), Cantucci Toscani (a Tuscan specialty), and Linguine alle Vongole con Limone Candito (a Campanian dish featured in my header). I tried to recreate the dish this week using ingredients from Stop & Shop, but it didn’t come out as pretty as before due to my own stove and ingredients not being exactly the same.

To save the trouble, here’s the full image from when I made it in Italy:

Some takeaways from recreating this dish:

  • Don’t believe online sources that tell you that clams and other seafood should be fully cleaned at the grocery store. You’ll still get some grit. To get rid of grit entirely, place all clams into a bowl of water for at least 6 hours, changing out the water once every hour to allow the grit and sand to pass through.
  • Sharpen your knives.
  • If you accidentally touch your face after dicing a hot chili pepper, rub that spot with milk. Sounds gross but it will alleviate the pain.
  • If you have a sous chef, give them steps to do rather than explaining the whole dish. They will be less overwhelmed.

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