Ciao & Chow

“Everything you see I owe to pasta.” – Sophia Loren

My name is Tessa Berliner. I’m a senior journalism student at Northeastern University, also pursuing a double minor in computer science and game design. Every other assignment I’ve ever written about for class has dealt with the game industry, its culture of negativity, and the pros and cons of working for such an industry. The game industry is where I’d like to end up, but I figured, as a senior, it’s about time I write about something that makes me constantly and consistently happy: Italian food.

I know what you may be thinking, and you’re right — I’m not Italian. But after spending the summer in Florence, learning the ebbs and flows of the Italian people and the tastes and textures of its foods, I can’t help but still be undeniably obsessed with the cuisine and culture.

During my time in Italy I hiked the Alps, took a gondola ride through Venice, conquered Mt. Vesuvius, and soaked up sun in the Amalfi Coast. But for the majority of my time there, I studied Italian culture through food in a university cooking course while also learning to speak the language (or, at least, enough that I could converse with an older woman on my train ride to Munich). I read books (well, mainly Harry Potter) solely in Italian and strived to enjoy only Italian food during my trip.

And now, back in Boston, I’m on the hunt for the best, most authentic Italian food. But, furthering that, I’m here to see how American Italian food differentiates from classic cuisine and how that separate culture has been created.

For research, I’ll be consulting the following resources (as well as my own stomach):


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